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Pallet Sod
2 ft x 5 ft Roll.
Available in our hybrid Bluegrass seed
blend, premium Shade Mix or  NEW this year RTF  turf type tall fescue blend..


Big Roll Sod
Our “Nifty 4 Fifty” is
available in our hybrid
Bluegrass seed


Tree Nursery
Shade & Ornamental Trees are available from our 90 acre nursery. Grown in their native soil.

Ordering Information

HUGGETT SOD FARM, INC. 1-989-635-7482

Terms & Conditions

The Quality Of Our Sod Is Guaranteed At The Time Of Delivery.

Due to the fact that we cannot control any circumstances beyond delivery (such as customer care), we are not able to guarantee our products beyond time of delivery. If you feel that you may have a claim: We must be notified with in 24 hours of time of delivery. In addition, we do our best to service and delivery for our customers but due to unforeseen events natural or uncontrollable,  we cannot guarantee time of delivery. No warranty on nursery stock is expressed or implied.

Any Claims after the 24 hour time frame are subject to review.  If a credit or refund is due, it will be limited to the original cost of the product or service and will be applied to account balances (if any), with oldest balance including finance charges being credited first.

Damage to, from, and/or on job site, caused by delivery equipment or where tow truck(s) is/are required to extricate delivery equipment, is the sole responsibility of the customer & not that of Huggett Sod Farm, Inc..

All Accounts are C.O.D. unless arrangements have been made with Huggett Sod Farm, Inc. prior to any shipment. All returned checks are subject to a Returned Check Fee. All charge accounts are due within 30 days of date of invoice. After 30 days, a finance charge of 1.5 % per month (18% year) will be added.

Cancellations must be made at least 24-48 hours prior to delivery.

Point Of Sale is always at Huggett Sod Farm, Inc. located in Marlette, Michigan.

Prices Subject To Change without notice. Fuel Surcharge May Also Apply.

Service Charges

Deposit of $15 each, will be charged on wood pallets and big roll tubes left at the job site. This deposit is refundable, upon return in undamaged condition.

$0.007/ft or .008/ft is included in Sod, Delivery, & Unloading Rates.

Demurrage Charge applies to unloading time over 1 hour @ $65.00 / half hour.



Below, you will find information that you may like to view prior to  placing an order. Please read all of the terms and conditions to  ensure a smooth transaction.

Pick up your sod at our farm in Marlette, MI - OR- we deliver to: Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.
All sales transactions must be made on location or prior to delivery.