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Huggett Sod Farm, Inc. is a family owned business that has served the  diverse needs of homeowners, landscapers, lawn care professionals, golf  course superintendents, and sports field managers for over 60 years.

We have a commitment to provide you with quality products, along with  the experience & knowledge to help you with any green industry  project.


Pallet Sod
2 ft x 5 ft Roll.
Available in our hybrid Bluegrass seed
blend, premium Shade Mix or  NEW this year RTF  turf type tall fescue blend..


Big Roll Sod.
Our “Nifty 4 Fifty” is
available in our hybrid
Bluegrass seed



Tree Nursery
Shade & Ornamental Trees are available from our 90 acre nursery. Grown in their native soil.


Ordering & Contact Information
We offer the best in the industry for quality and service.




Huggett Is Dedicated To Growing Quality Sod & Trees

Huggett Sod Farm, Inc. is comprised of over 850 acres devoted to sod growth.

Depending on the variety, our sod is available in 3 sizes: 

   Pallet Sod - 10 square foot rolls (2ft. x 5ft.)

   Little Big Roll - 225 square feet    (rolled onto tubes)       

    Big Roll - 450 square feet  (rolled onto tubes)  

 While most  of the sod is grown on peat, we also grow on mineral soil.

Varieties of turfgrass include: bluegrass blend, turf type/tall fescue  and fine fescue/bluegrass mix. We utilize the results of  studies done by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program based on the  overall performance of the varieties for our region.

Since 1993, Mark Huggett has managed Huggett Sod Farm, Inc., by  employing state of the art harvesters that have been customized for our  cutting needs along with wells and man made ponds to supply water for  our modern irrigating systems which include: wheel lines, center pivots  and irrigation guns.

Huggett Sod Farm, Inc. has distribution facilities in Michigan and Ohio  with our own fleet of trucks for delivery (fork lift unloading provided) to  Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Customers may also pick up at our farm in Marlette, Michigan.

Over the past 60 years, Huggett Sod Farm, Inc. has been fortunate to have quality employees with varying talents who are focused on providing our customers with the best service and quality of sod anywhere. From the office manager and drivers to the sod crew, many of our key people have more than 30 years experience.

Let us put our experience & knowledge to work by showing you our commitment to providing you with quality tree and turf grass products!

HUGGETT SOD FARM, INC. 1-989-635-7482

Huggett Sod Farm, Inc.