Pallet Sod
2 ft x 5 ft Roll.
Available in our hybrid Bluegrass seed
blend, premium Shade Mix or  NEW this year RTF  turf type tall fescue blend..


Big Roll Sod
Our “Nifty 4 Fifty” is
available in our hybrid
Bluegrass seed


Tree Nursery
Shade & Ornamental Trees are available from our 90 acre nursery. Grown in their native soil.


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  History of Huggett Sod Farm, Inc.


In 1957, we started with 30 acres of one blend of sod. Currently we have approximately 850 acres with a variety of blends.

Our History


In 1957, Dow Huggett started his sod farm with a roll top desk & 30 acres. His farm was planted with mint prior to 1957.

At that time, Huggett Sod Farm, only had one type of sod, and this was  harvested with a “Ryan” walk behind sod cutter. Dow & his crew of 6 (including his son Wallace) rolled the sod pieces, loaded the sod  & also unloaded the sod, all by hand!

Utilizing a small stake truck, deliveries were made within a 100 mile radius of the farm located in Marlette, Michigan.

 In 1961, Wallace Huggett took over the daily operations of the sod farm. Over the next 40 years, he expanded the farm to include (800 - 1000) acres and added a tree nursery on an additional 90 acres. The  business was incorporated in 1966.

In 1982, Wallace Huggett extended his sod business to Texas. He opened  Trinity Turf Nursery, in Pilot Point, Texas. Trinity Turf Nursery has  600 acres in sod production of Bermuda Grass, Zoysia Grass and Bent  Grass. It has become an acknowledged quality leader in the Dallas/Fort  Worth sod market.

In 1989, Wallace’s son, Daniel Huggett, started his own sod farm near  Columbus, Ohio. Columbus Turf Nursery grows Bluegrass, Bluegrass/Fine Fescue blend and serves the central Ohio area.

In 1990, Wallace Huggett ventured into the cranberry business. Michigan Cranberry Company, located near Cheboygan, Michigan, is the largest  cranberry farm in Michigan. Cranberries from this location are sold to  markets throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

In 2002, Mark Huggett, Wallace’s 2nd son, took over the daily operations at Huggett Sod Farm, Inc.. Huggett Sod Farm currently grows Bluegrass blend, Bluegrass/Fine Fescue mix  and Trees. We ship to the entire state of Michigan, Ohio, and parts of  Indiana.

The current operations at Huggett Sod Farm, Inc. have changed a lot from 1957. The commitment to quality products has not.

Huggett Sod Farm, Inc.